Household brand name Dannon brings its staff to San Diego, for a healthy dose of brand immersion. Our friends at ‘The Perfect Party’ were tasked with bringing Team-Dannon’s vision to life with brand-centric transformations to the venue’s meeting and exposition spaces. Pacific Coast Entertainment’s Tim Hemrich served as the shows technical director and from the beginning, provided technical design and integration for this high-profile marketing event. The show benefited greatly from The Perfect Party’s unparalleled talent and PCE’s massive inventory of audio, video and lighting equipment. With such a potent array of tools on-hand, PCE was able to keep costs under control, by drawing entirely on rental inventory to outfit the show. In an experiential marketing event, where design drives the message, this approach presents a serious challenge for smaller production companies, whose limited supplies often result in expensive

purchases by the client, whether they know it or not.

Everyday PCE meets these challenges and out-shines the competition. Next time, let us shine for you!


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