Design teams from Pacific Coast Entertainment and BTB Events put months of planning into action at the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for a Commitment Ceremony worth remembering. Designers transformed the historic ballroom into the ultimate ultra-lounge and fashion-forum. The impressive centerpiece to the event was the custom all-white, high-gloss head table extending 40′ in length and serving as a stylish entrance runway for the wedding party! After the newly-minted couple took their place on the multi-level, frosted acrylic stage, the fashion runway underwent a jaw-dropping transformation right before the guests’ eyes! A 40′ tabletop fully dressed with china, flatware and centerpieces descended from the rafters and landed gently on the runway-table… dinner was served!

Sharing the couple’s vision for an extraordinary experience was PCE’s Technical Director, Tim Hemrich. Tim’s vision for the “flying tabletop” emerged as the stylish solution. The production benefited from the trust engendered in the design and technical teams as well as their ability to understand the hopes and dreams of their clients.
Also at play in this dreamscape:
Arkaos Media Master, Chrisite HD Projectors, Impression 120’s, PowerSpot 700 CMY’s, Source four Pars & Lekos, ETC Dimming, Road Hog, Shure Wireless, LED Event Panel, Custom Tile Backdrop, CM LoadStar Motors, Motion Labs Distro, Whisper Watt Location Power, 400′ Global Truss… and oh yeah, a flying table!


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